Architectural Design - Building Licenses

Architectural services offered by GMG constructions are customised to fit you. Our range of capabilities allows us the freedom to provide the optimum architectural solutions, to use the best products and materials and to utilise our clients’ visions to produce the most incredible results.

We are a service-oriented company dedicated to adding value in our construction sites. Whether it is a residential property or commercial, our architects listen to our clients needs and are skilled at adapting their ideas into sustainable solutions.

Through the years, members of our team have worked diligently to perfect our approach, improve our methods and produce extraordinary results for our clients. We know materials, costs and the realities of construction. With that knowledge we can provide precise and best-value solutions to create the result that you require.


Building Licenses and Permissions can be provided by our experienced architects and engineers who are able to design and follow all the necessary procedures for the issuance of the permits. Our office undertakes the issuance of building licenses for an array of projects including residential properties, industrial buildings, swimming pools, additions to existing buildings and demolitions regardless of their specifications or complexity.


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