CDW – Construction Digital Wallet

But what is this Wallet exactly?
It is a digital database in which you can have access with a link referring to each of our projects and where you can find the following:
1. All the plans (Architectural, Structural, Electromechanical) and Documents requested for a building permit. This platform can host pdf or dwg plans, that can be edited and used whenever is needed by employers, foremen, project managers, architects, engineers etc.
2. As built Plans
3. Documents (construction contracts, payment for construction works, building inspector autopsies, analytical periodical statement (APD), payments for APD, formal declarations of employees, E12, documents required for EFKA Completion, documents required for E.O.T. License, documents required for the final power supply).
4. Daily Photos from the construction categorized by year, month, day.
5. Special category with important photos (choice of photographs and categorization based on the needs of the project)
6. Monthly Drone Videos
7. Tips and videos for the maintenance of each construction (detailed instructions and videos in categories for all the maintenance work and operation of critical infrastructures)
8. Information for the users (detailed information regarding the engine machines and the electrical panels)
9. Appliance Catalogues for all the devices/machines (the manuals of every device and machine used for the construction are all scanned and uploaded)
10. Catalogue with all the subcontractors’ contacts (name and telephone)
C.D.W. is a valuable tool for all those who love organization, created by people who adore organization (or.. who cannot live without organization)
Probably this is the most modern tool for organizing a construction project, Visualized, Designed and Realized in our main office… in the beautiful Elounda.