In collaboration with EUROPLAN S.A. we can carry out any study you want. Indicatively I mention:

  • Architectural Studies of residences / hotels / business premises.
  • Interior Design – Study of interiors of houses / shops.
  • Study of external configurations.
  • 3D and photorealistic illustration of buildings with parallel application of material Photomontage of this model in space.
  • Static studies of reinforced concrete buildings.
  • Static studies of buildings from metal structures or composite structures.
  • Mechanical Studies of common or special building projects.
  • Studies of K.EN.A.K. (Building Energy Efficiency Regulation)
  • Technical studies for investments and development Law subsidies.
  • Implementation studies with detailed costing of technical projects and detailed construction schedules.
  • Shop operating licenses.
  • EOT approvals.
  • Environmental Impact Studies.
  • Traffic connections.
  • Land Registry Changes.
  • Topographic works.